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The Atlantic Voice Podcast

Wafting across the pastoral vistas of the New Basement Studios by the Lake, welcome to the Atlantic Voice Podcast - 3000 miles of opinion.

Join Eric and Zeff twice a month for some fact, some opinion, some opinion masquerading as fact, all leavened with a little laughter!

Feb 13, 2017

Re-united in the New Basement Studio (what, you mean you didn't listen to the last show??), Eric and Zeff try to do a show without putting the President's name in the title in a desperate attempt to troll for ratings....

Instead they finally get around to talking about Rogue One, the latest Star Wars film. Zeff gets a start on his New Year Resolutions, there's talk of 3D and the TV show The Grand Tour, while Eric challenges his partner on the latter's  assertion that he was right. Two years ago...