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The Atlantic Voice Podcast

Wafting across the pastoral vistas of the New Basement Studios by the Lake, welcome to the Atlantic Voice Podcast - 3000 miles of opinion.

Join Eric and Zeff twice a month for some fact, some opinion, some opinion masquerading as fact, all leavened with a little laughter!

Nov 14, 2017

Time for the Summer Movie Scorecard!

Remember May and June? When Eric and Zeff previewed this year's summer movies? When they predicted how the likes of Wonder Woman, The Mummy, and Dunkirk would fare with the critics and at the box office. Well, summer is over and the moment of reckoning has arrived. It's time to total up and see if Zeff can win for the annual competition for the first time ever or will Eric move the goalposts as he often does....

There's also talk of Rotten Tomatoes, movie critics, and the lads fire a warning shot at The Ringer......