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The Atlantic Voice Podcast

Wafting across the pastoral vistas of the New Basement Studios by the Lake, welcome to the Atlantic Voice Podcast - 3000 miles of opinion.

Join Eric and Zeff twice a month for some fact, some opinion, some opinion masquerading as fact, all leavened with a little laughter!

Jul 9, 2013

The PODCAST is in a field with 170,000 people......

Well not quite. Inspired by the great success of our new show The AV15, Eric and Zeff have a guest on the big show for the first time.

Joining us via Skype is Fran, with her report of the Glastonbury Music Festival that took place at end of June. Joining that 170,000 people were nearly 200 bands, acts ranging from The Rolling Stones to NIles Rodgers, Elvis Costello to Mumford and Sons, from Public Enemy to Public Image Ltd.

Fran will let us know exactly how accommodations work in a big field in the middle of England, as well wearing wellington boots for three days straight and doing without your cell phone.

Also on the pod, the boys discuss the sporting summer, with Zeff making it clear that sitting on the couch in front of his big screen watching the Tour de France and eating breakfast is far preferable (to him) than lining up with 170,000 people to use the port-o-john........