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The Atlantic Voice Podcast

Wafting across the pastoral vistas of the New Basement Studios by the Lake, welcome to the Atlantic Voice Podcast - 3000 miles of opinion.

Join Eric and Zeff twice a month for some fact, some opinion, some opinion masquerading as fact, all leavened with a little laughter!

Jul 16, 2013

This week on the AV15, we meet Megan who in her spare time is a Tough Mudder - someone who competes in obstacle-course style endurance events. Megan tells us what Tough Mudding is, how she got into it, and what obstacles she's proud to have triumphed over. Megan will also share some training tips, while Zeff shares his new-found obsession with something called the "Kiss of Mud." Foolish man - this is Tough Mudding, not Tough Podding.....!