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The Atlantic Voice Podcast

Wafting across the pastoral vistas of the New Basement Studios by the Lake, welcome to the Atlantic Voice Podcast - 3000 miles of opinion.

Join Eric and Zeff twice a month for some fact, some opinion, some opinion masquerading as fact, all leavened with a little laughter!

Nov 22, 2014

Or Mano e Mano, perhaps.

It's Eric v Zeff in a face-off of prescient skills (or should that be skills of prescience...) and knowledge as the guys review their summer movie predictions. (Check out The Atlantic Voice's infamous Summer Movie Preview here: Part 1 and Part 2 here)

Now that the dust has settled from the likes of Godzilla and the X-Men cavorting through the multiplex, it's time to see which of our guys is the winner. But in true Ernie and Bert fashion, that means two grown men arguing about the rules and the scoring while conveniently changing their opinions and positions.....

Fortunately, besides the bickering, there's some honest discussion about the state of the film industry, and the guys review "Interstellar".